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  Be Informed
  Types of Vegetarianism and Other Diets
  Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
  The Nine Muses of Ancient Greece
  British Military Ranks
  Cricket Fielding Positions
  The Order of the Planets
  7 Planets, 7 Days and 7 Metals (!)
  Animal Names: Male, Female, Young and Group
  Old English Money
  Temperature Conversion
  How to Mentally Calculate the Day of the Week for any Date


  Estimation Q's
How many carrier bags are used in Australia each year?
  What is the annual spend on pet food in the United States?
How many packets of cigarettes can you fit into a container lorry?
If the entire Arctic ice cap melts, by how much will the sea level rise?
  What is the maximum number of feasible entrants for the singles tournament at Wimbledon?
  How many people die in the US each day? This question is not here to be morbid, but to give a sense of reality.


  Logic Q's Maths Q's The Times:
  The Three Light Switches Long Division Crossword
  The Stairs of Execution Simultaneous Equations Chess
  The Bells   Bridge
  The Gold Coins    
  The Classic    
Two Paths, Two Angels, One Question


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