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British Military Ranks

British Army/ Royal Marines

Royal Navy

Royal Air Force

General **** Admiral **** Air Chief Marshal ****l
Lieutenant General *** Vice Admiral *** Air Marshall ***
Major General ** Rear Admiral ** Air Vice Marshal **l
Brigadier * Commodore * Air Commodore *
Colonel Captain Goup Captain
Lieutenant Colonel Commander Wing Commander
Major Lieutenant Commander Squadron Leader
Captain Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant
 Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant Flying Officer
2nd Lieutenant Midshipman Pilot Officer
Warrant Officer 1st Class Warrant Officer  Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer 2nd Class   Flight Sergeant
Staff/Colour Sergeant Chief Petty Officer Chief Technician
Sergeant Petty Officer Sergeant
Corporal Leading Rate Corporal
Lance Corporal    
Private Able Rate Leading Aircraftsman Senior Aircraftsman      Junior Technician


Updated December 2002

  1. The historical ranks of Admiral of the Fleet, Field Marshal, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force, all 5-star ranks, have been abolished.
  1. Within the second section of WO, Non-commissioned Officers, ratings and other ranks descriptions of personnel ranks and their associated abbreviations vary considerably from between branches and even trades.


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