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Cricket Fielding Positions


L.ON Long On
M.ON Mid On
S.M.ON Silly Mid On
M.W. Mid Wicket
S.L. Square Leg
L.S. Leg Slip
L.L Long Leg
D.F.L. Deep Fine Leg
L.STOP Long Stop
B. Bowler
L.OFF Long Off
S.M.OFF Silly Mid Off
E.C Extra Cover
P. Point
S. Slip
G. Gully
B.P. Backward Point
T.M. Third Man
W. Wicket Keeper
  L.ON               L.OFF  
      M.ON   B.   M.OFF      
M.W.                   E.C.
      S.M.ON       S.M.OFF      
S.L.                 P  
          Batsman     B.P.    
      L.S.   W.        G.      
            S.     T.M.  
      D.F.L.   L.STOP          
  Note: Leg and On are the same side. To remeber this, use the phrase to "get a leg on with it" or more technically that a spin bowler can bowl Off breaks and Leg breaks, but never On breaks.  
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