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Old English Money


farthing             =    1/4 old penny

thrupenny bit  =    3 old pence

shilling              =    12 old pence

florin                  =    2 shillings

pound (note)      =    20 shillings

1/2 crown          =    2 shillings and 6 old pence

guinea               =   1 pound and 1 shilling


The above money was in circulation in 1945. Other valid money with more obvious values consisted of the half penny, sixpence, ten shillings and five pounds (note).

Nomenclature: 1 4s 7d = 1 pound 4 shillings and seven old pence.

Alternative: 1/4/7 (a zero is ignored if it represents pounds but is shown as a dash for shillings and pence e.g. 2/- = 2 shillings).

Shillings were also commonly called bobs.

Britain switched to the decimal system in 1971 when one shilling was made equal to five new pence.


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