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The Nine Muses of Ancient Greece

Name Pronunciation Literal Translation Muse of Characteristic
Calliope* ka-lie’o-pee The Fair Voiced Epic Poetry Writing Tablet
Clio klie’o The Proclaimer History Scroll
Erato er’a-toe The Lovely Love Poetry Lyre
Euterpe yoo-ter’pee The Giver of Pleasure Music Flute
Melpomene mel-pom’i-nee The Songstress Tragedy Tragic Mask
Polyhymnia pol’ee-hym’nee-uh She of Many Hymns Sacred Poetry Pensive Look
Terpsichore terp-sik’o-ree The Whirler Dancing Dancing With Lyre
Thalia tha-lie’uh The Flourishing Comedy Comic Mask
Urania yoo-ray’-nee-uh The Heavenly Astronomy Celestial Globes



  1. Calliope was the chief Muse.
  2. Zeus was the father of the Muses and the Titaness Mnemosyne was their mother.
  3. Mnemosyne was the goddess of memory (mnemonic!).
  4. Erato and Urania are the female forms of Eros and Uranus.


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