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Estimation Q's

  There are no exact answers to these questions. All require large assumptions and deciding what these are is the real crux of the problem. They are very typical of the type of questions asked at job interviews to assess a candidate's thought process. If you have a different answer to the one given or a good question (with an answer!) please e-mail it to  

  1. How many carrier bags are used in Australia each year?

  2. What is the annual spend on pet food in the United States?

  3. How many packets of cigarettes can you fit into a container lorry?

  4. If the entire Arctic ice cap melts, by how much will the sea level rise?

  5. What is the maximum number of feasible entrants for the singles tournament at Wimbledon?

  6. How many people die in the US each day? This question is not here to be morbid, but to give a sense of reality.


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