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Long Division


Do you remember your maths from years ago? How about your long division? Here's a question with a full solution.

What is 79815 divided by 15?

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Here is the completed solution for 4561 divided by 12. Ring any bells?

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Start by trying to divide the first number by the divisor (in this case 15). 7 divided by 15 is not possible i.e. 0 15's remainder 7. Therefore leave the space above the 7 blank and "carry" the seven onto the 9 to make 79. 

Now divide this number by 15 to give 5 15's remainder 4. The 5 goes above the 9 and the 4 is carried onto the 8 to make 48. 

48 divided by 25 is 3 remainder 3. The 3 goes above the 8 and the remainder 3 carries onto the 1 to give 31. 

31 divided by 15 is 2 remainder 1 which carries to the make 1 more 15. In this case the division is exact and there is no remainder. 

This gives an answer of 5321.



(Had the question asked for the division of 5322, for example, there would have been a remainder of 1.)


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One Loafer has requested a definition for long division. The best I can come up with is: "the mathematical operation of division in which the sequence of steps are explicitly depicted."



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