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  Topical Issues:  
Same-sex Unions: Should they be legal? Should they be called marriage? Who should decide?
Democracy and War: Compatible?
  Global Warming: Is Bush Right?  
  Human Cloning: A valid solution for childless couples?  
  Andy: The Genetically Modified Primate  
  Life Q & A:  
  Latest Answers to:   Is there Free Will?,    What is the Ontological Argument?  
  Latest Questions  :  Does true randomness exist?,    Why do dogs chase cars?  
  Side Issues          :  Free Will Vs Morality  
  Essays:      Read the essay or the ensuing user debate or follow the information links  
  The Death Penalty: A Balanced Debate           User Debate Useful Links  
  The Ravens Paradox                                                                      Useful Links  
  Animals and the Natural Right to Life Useful Links  
Reality Criers - a short sci-fi story discussing whether happiness is the meaning of life
  Running Debates:      This House...  
...Believes that Douglas Adams could have chosen no better number than 42 as the answer to the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything.
  ...Believes that it is more important for a child to learn to use a computer than where vegetables come from.  
  ...Believes that torture can be morally justifiable.  



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