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This House believes that it is more important for a child to learn how to use a computer than where vegetables come from.

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  1. Agriculture no longer represents our means of GNP. It is now computer driven. So buy a computer rather than a farm.

  2. In business, knowing how to use a computer is a huge advantage, if not essential. Knowledge about vegetables isn't essential, but you could lose a lot of respect for not knowing. But of course if know one else did it wouldn't matter!

  3. The question's a little unfairly put. On one side is a "use" and on the other a "where from". If the question was "Is it more important to be able to use vegetables or computers?" or "It is more important to be know where computer or vegetables come from?" then vegetables win hands down.

  1. Obviously [3] is correct, but it doesn't consider the actual question asked. It's not meant to be easy. Making computers a "use" and vegetables a "where from " does shift the balance of opinion towards computers (It's nearly always more use, or anyway more common, to know how to use something, than to know where it's from) but that doesn't make the question "unfair", just more difficult to answer.

  2. I think it's a question of intellectual curiosity. Everyone has eaten vegetables, so I'd be suspicious if someone hadn't bothered to ask where they came from. I know computers are much more widespread now and I'd have a few questions for someone who'd never learnt how to use one, but it's still much more forgivable not to know how to use one than not to know where vegetables come from.

  3. Obviously it would be best to know both, but if the question really means one and only one, in this day and age it is much more important to be able to use a computer. So long as you know where to buy vegetables that's good enough.

  4. If you already know one, you can learn the other. I'd much rather employ a person who knew about life and teach him how to use a computer than to employ someone who'd been put through a computer course but had never really thought about life.

  5. A full and balanced education should include both vegetables and computers. However, without vegetables humans could not exist, and so neither could computers. You can live without computers, but not without vegetables.

  6. It's true that you can't live without vegetables, but you can live without knowing where they come from. In this day and age can you really LIVE without knowing how to use a computer? There are very few jobs that don't require any computer use and nearly every young person today has an e-mail address.

  7. I don't agree with this motion. As far as the National Curriculum goes, where vegetables come from should be placed before computer training. Computer training can come later, life fundamentals should be first.

  8. A child will just  pick up where vegetables come from, where as computers must be studied and learned.

  9. Surely the reverse of comment 11 is true. These days, children are exposed to computers from a very early age if only for the purpose of playing games. This will naturally lead to a knowledge of how to use a computer. Conversely, many kids will only ever come across vegetables in a supermarket or on a plate.

  10. How about using a computer to learn where vegetables come from. Can't do that the other way around!

  11. You can't eat a computer... (and given the popularity of 'Survivor Reality TV Shows knowing how to grow vegetables would be a lot more help.

  12. Macintosh tried to solve this when they produced the Apple computer. Unfortunately, they never learned that an apple is a fruit.

  13. [8] & [11] are clear of mind. Think what is most important to the human being. You cannot attain knowledge without existing, therefore, existing supercedes the most bases of levels. Learning is predicated on existing.

  14. Knowledge of vegetables are much more important than that of a computer for little children. I believe that small children should not have prolonged contact with computers at an early age or learn about them - they need to develop their logical, practical, and memory skills first.  Computers may be crucial in business, but even more important is knowledge of business administration first - so why don't we teach that to little kids? Vegetables are not the major part of the economy, but small children should learn practical, down to earth stuff first. We must not let technology affect the lives and teaching of people in a negative way.

  15. Is the point of education to teach you what to do or what you enjoy doing? Most things taught to children are irrelevant when they get into higher education and or enter the "real world." If you think that school is supposed to teach you what you need to know then all you NEED to know for the most part is that vegetables should come from a refrigerated area of the supermarket. Of course, this presumes you live in the city. If you live in a farming community then you're better know where vegetables come from. However, if you believe that education is about expanding our horizons then there's always the possibility that some city kid might learn where vegetables come from and find the whole thing fascinating. Rather than ending up a slave to "labor saving devices" this child might learn he or she really loves farming. Ultimately we do need people who are interested in farming because we need food.  Of course they will need to be computer literate too. Once someone is interested in a subject they will become knowledgeable in that subject. So it all boils down to the real question of what is the point of education?

  16. These days you can use your computer to order vegetables over the internet, so you don't need to know where they come from.

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