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  Topical Issues: Same-sex Unions: Should they be legal? Should they be called marriage?   
Democracy and War: Compatible?, Human Cloning: A Valid Solution For Childless Couples Has it already happened?
    Andy The Genetically Modified Primate, Global Warming: Is Bush Right?  
  Life Q & A: Free Will? Vs Morality? The Ontological Argument? Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?  
    Does True Randomness Exist?  
  Essays: The Death Penalty - A Balanced Debate / Comments, The Ravens Paradox,  
    Animals and the Natural Right to Life  
Reality Criers - a short sci-fi story discussing whether happiness is the meaning of life
  Running Debates: Torture Can Be Morally Justifiable? Computers Vs. Vegetables,  
Could Douglas Adams have chosen a better number than 42 for the answer to the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything?
    World POPClock  
  Be Informed: Cricket Fielding Positions, British Military Ranks, Nine Muses of Greece, Order of the Planets,  
  Old English Money, Temperature Conversion, Animal Names, 7 Planets, 7 Days and 7 Metals,  
    Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, Types of Vegetarianism and Other Diets,  
Invalid Arguments, More
  Estimation Q's: US Pet Food Spend? Profitable Cigarette Smuggling? US Daily Death rate?  
    Melting Ice Caps and Sea Level Rise? Maximum Entrants at Wimbledon?  
Australia's Annual Carrier Bag Use?
  Logic Q's: The Three Light Switches, The Stairs of Execution, The Bells, The Gold Coins  
The Classic (man, goat, wolf, cabbage...), Fill in the Blanks,
Two Paths, Two Angels, One Question
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Reality Criers

A short sci-fi story discussing whether happiness is the meaning of life


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